Simplest way to split a bill

Snap and Split

Something Different, Something New.

When you’re out with your friends, splitting the bill can be frustrating especially when most of the solution doesn’t work or get too complicated. Instead of automatically detecting each item, we allow our user to tap on the items to claim them. The price of the item will automatically be added to your portion.

No more
back-of-the-napkin algebra.

Under the hood

For iOS version, we use the combination iOS Vision Framework and Tesseract OCR Engine to recognise your receipt. Hundreds of hours spend to train the recognition data model.

For Huawei version, we leverage on the HUAWEI ML Kit (Text Recognition Service) to recognise your receipt. With HUAWEI on-device APIs, the recognition are blistering-fast, without requiring a network connection.

What you need to do is just snap and split your bill.

Awarded as one of the Best Apps for Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest


Splitting your bill the smart way


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From hundreds of hours spent in scanning receipts


Receipts Scanned





Specially crafted by a bunch of developers who are frustrated with bill splitting.

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